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I can do it your way, but don’t get crazy. March 24, 2009

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I know!  I know!  I am awful, and I haven’t even told y’all about Christmas, or New Year’s, or the dogs or anything else in the world that is important, but I’ve been out of commission for forEVER.   I’ve been working on an entry about all of these festivities, and I will have it up just as soon as I can, but I didn’t want y’all to think I’d up and died or something. Currently, I am drawing a blank, but in the meantime, I’m loving this …

So until my next post, y’all have a great day.  Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Don’t interrupt.   Rude!


2 Responses to “I can do it your way, but don’t get crazy.”

  1. jhoop Says:

    That is the funniest clip ever!! Natalie always says “Don innarupt, Ru” I couldn’t figure out what the heck she was talking about, but now I know.

  2. Layni Says:

    Glad I could help with the cultural barrier

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