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Look what I’ve found! A moment to write you. September 28, 2008

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I’m hoping this week won’t be so ridiculously busy & I can find a brief moment to catch y’all up on what it is I’ve been up to [starting with long-since-past vacation … gawd!]  Wish me luck.

Utilizing the invaluable Gangsta Name Generator  tool [good for keeping it sorta real],
I found that who we have here are, “Butt-Jugglin Train Jumpa [left] & Sweet Indian”. 
So, word to your mother.
Fly-ass Ass Grabba
[Question of the day:  What’s your gangsta name?]

3 Responses to “Look what I’ve found! A moment to write you.”

  1. annie Says:

    I am now know as Annie- AKA Stanky Left-Handed Mule Robba
    thats awesome!!!!
    Where do you find some of these links that you find….

  2. Mischelle Says:

    Apparently I am “Played Out Prison Fish”. Interesting. Just had to tell you HOW MUCH your youngest daughter LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE! OMG!!!!

  3. Jodi Says:

    Oh for the love of all things blog worthy, you need to freakin blog already!!!!!

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