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Pet Sitting Guide [or how to deal with way too many dogs who refuse to be housebroken!] May 22, 2008

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Tomorrow, the fam and I are going camping with the Sexton’s & her brother’s family, for the weekend.  And you may already know this, but camping entails a LOT of preparation y’all!  So, while I don’t have the time to get in to it right now, I did find it funny that when I sat down to write out pet sitting instructions to leave my Mom for our three, small, very bad dogs, I realized something.  Not only are they bad, but they’re really high maintenance too! 

Pet Sitting Guide [or how to deal with way too many dogs who refuse to be housebroken!]


This is the actual instruction sheet that I’m leaving her with.  [Dog anyone?]


Going Potty:

Let dogs out OFTEN. 

Let dogs out prior to leaving & immediately upon returning.

Give them a treat when they come in [1 a piece; either a frozen green bean or biscuit.  Green beans sparingly unless you want to walk around little green land mines all weekend.]


If a #2 accident occurs, please pick up & flush or chuck into the yard.  Clean up of a  #1 accident is at your discretion.  We would appreciate if you would drop a paper towel over the accident, step on, and then discard it.  Understandably, if this is outside of your realm of comfort, just leave it.  If this were the case, tiny “Wet Floor” signs would be appreciated so we’ll know where to clean up. [Just kidding, of course … but we will need you to point them out].


Max gets a full cup of food.

Millie gets ¾ cup of food.

Buster Brown gets ½ cup of food.

At dinner time only, add a serving spoon full of the organic wet food to each of their bowls [sort of adjust the amount according to whose bowl you’re filling ie. large scoop for Max, slightly less for Millie, rounded spoonful for Buster Brown.  I usually cut it into the dry food with a fork & knife but if this is above & beyond the call of duty, just plop it on top.

The little dogs eat in their locked cages.  Max eats in the dining room. 

Let them all out about 15 minutes after they’re done.  Make sure they actually leave the porch to go potty.  This is roughly how long after they eat before they need to shit.


Feed roughly at the same times you’d feed yourself.  Breakfast, lunch & dinner. 


Max can sleep with you but the little dogs need to sleep in their cages.  You can leave the gate down at this time.


Keep gate to upstairs closed whenever the puppies are out.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you!

Y’all have a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend!  If I have the strength, I’ll tell you all about mine on Monday [possibly after shampooing the rugs.]



And now for something not really different at all May 12, 2008

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Nothing spectacular here.  I just felt compelled to remove the blaring “S” word from the top post.  That’s all.  So here are some clever pictures — until I can find time to say anything of any importance.  Oh, well I do plan to post pictures of what we’ve [and by ‘we’ve’ I mostly mean Harold] been doing in the back yard.  He made me stuff, y’all!   I’ll uh, yeah, I’ll work on getting those uploaded.  You know.  In my spare time.  Bwaaahaaaa!  Good night.

humorous pictures

humorous pictures


You say it’s your birthday? Why, yes. I do. May 5, 2008

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Below is a charming sentiment from my pal Stevie – who cared enough to hit ‘send’.  Thanks.

As long as I never reach an age where it’s no longer cute to say I’m 29.  That would suck.