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Did your mother not love you enough? February 13, 2007

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[Let me just preface this with breaking news regarding the , ‘Winter Storm Warning’ they’ve been talking about ALL DAY!  Just now, the weatherman, in an attempt to drive home the seriousness of the white death that threatens to bury us all overnight, reported that, in addition to the 2 to 4″ of snow & ice that we can also expect a dramatic drop in the temperature, “…at the top of the hour we were at 32 degrees and we’re NOW at 31 [it’s 11:26] !!!”  I AM NOT EVEN MAKING THIS UP!  Dear God, Al Gore IS right!]

The other week when we had snow, Harold & Maddie spent the afternoon building a snowman complete with snow dog on a leash.   The snow a couple of days ago wasn’t a good packing snow.  It was powdery.  With the little bit warmer weather today, it was ready this afternoon, so Harold & the girls headed out to build again.  This time they spent two hours painstakingly constructing a formidable 8′ tall snowman (picture Shaquille O’Neil in snow) sporting an orange Abercrombie & Fitch ball cap (Hey!  That’s my ball cap!) … and does that snowman have 8 arms?

As soon as I pulled in this evening Harold came out to make sure I saw their wonderous creation.  He was they were so proud!  I gave them props for their architectural skills.  It was truly a work of art worthy of local hometown newpaper fame.

After the girls went to bed I let the dogs out.  When I called for them, Kalabou didn’t come right away so I walked to the edge of the porch to see where she was.  Looking across the yard I immediately noticed that the 8′ obstruction was no longer there.  [blink…blink…blink] Is it?  No.  It isn’t.  What the …?  Where the …?  That’s when I noticed the distinct lines of tread marks coming from the street, heading directly towards their snowman!  Surely that’s not what I was seeing.  Certainly the creature had simply toppled over under it’s own weight.  I went into the house & up to Ashton’s room to get a birds eye view.  It was indeed gone (well, most of it anyway).  Someone had actually driven into my yard, intent on killing our snowman, succeeded then backed out & went on with their miserable life. 

I shouldn’t have to explain to my 6 year old that there are people in this world, in her world, that are so spiteful that they could mow down a snowman, without giving a thought to the the feelings of a smallish girl that worked so hard to construct it with her Daddy.  I WON’T explain it.  I will not express to her how I’d love to know who had violated her in this way so that I could pinch them so hard that they beg for forgiveness for being so heartless.  I’m going to let the newly fallen snow fill in the reminder of their violation of her childhood & silently harbor ill-will towards the perpetrators.  Then I’m going to try really hard to say a prayer for them tonight.  I’m going to try really hard to mean it. 

We’ll build another snowman.  Possibly today, weather permitting.  But this time we’re going to roll a boulder into each section (& when Maddie’s not looking, I may construct a snow hand – flipping the snow ‘bird’).


7 Responses to “Did your mother not love you enough?”

  1. Karen Says:

    I wanna see pictures of the snow bird – LOL!!

    I can’t believe someone actually drove in your yard to do that!! What an idiot!!

  2. Karen Says:

    I wanna see the snow bird – LOL!!!

    I can’t believe someone actually drove in your yard to hit it! What an idiot!!!

  3. Jo Says:

    Seriously they ran over the snowman? Who runs over snowmen? That’s completely wack!

  4. Aunt Amy Says:

    Your Uncle Mike would be so proud!!!!! This sounds like what he wanted to do to our jackolanterns at Halloween. He always thought that a good electric shock would do the perpatrators some good. Your articles are very good. Makes me feel closer to you. XXXXOOOO

  5. Linda Says:

    Given the fence around the majority of your yard, they sure went out of their way to knock it off. Jerks! Build another one with it’s tongue sticking out. It’s 5:51 right now and the temp has dropped another degree in the last 15 minutes and is now 27. I think it’s fair to say that it’s going to be a snow day again tomorrow.


  6. marirose Says:

    Living a little too close to Hamilton, huh?
    Although I’ve never even heard of snowman vehicular homicide in Hamilton!

  7. […] that I need to buy a boulder to put in our side lawn.  I’m going to build a snowman on it.  Some punk drove a car into our big snowman last year and knocked it down.  This year he will hit something a little harder than snow.  I reeeaaaally don’t like […]

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